OSDC Talk "Self Hosted Bare Metal Kubernetes for SMEs"

I was invited to talk about Kubernetes for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) at this year's Open Source Data Center Conference (OSDC) in Berlin. A broad spectrum around data center related concerns and technologies such as monitoring, security, container orchestration, scalability has ben dealt with on the meanwhile 9th issue of this conference.

In the talk I presented our journey that we started 1.5 years ago to introduce K8s as the main platform for centrally hosted workloads at n-fuse. We run K8s on self-owned bare metal hardware and CoreOS/ ContainerOS. We chose this approach for three reasons:

  • Learn and have full control over the stack
  • Save money (a comparable environment on AWS would cost anywhere between 1.5k and 2.5k USD per month)
  • Give our clients a peace of mind that we do protect them against the US Cloud Act

Self Hosted Bare Metal Kubernetes for SMEs

The organization, catering and venue were all just great.