n-fuse endorces and accepts Cryptocurrencies

The era of cryptocurrencies is upon us, whether this development will take us to this utopia envisioned by cypherpunks where market actors use these privacy-enhancing technologies to engage in a completely decentralized financial system or the rather concerning vison of a depreciative central bank issued coins or whether it will be something between these two extremes or a combination thereof no one can say. It is for certain though that diversity and thus choice are always desirable and cryptocurrencies enable a democratization of the monetary system by offering this choice. Being part of the eco-system is obvisouly the best way to support it and this is why we accept the following currencies from today on:

The practical benfits for our customers are fast and reliable transfer of value around the globe at competitive costs. You can find more details about this in the payment options.

Furthermore we are keen on supporting selected and promising protocols and networks with compute and storage to pay in on the goal of decentralization. n-fuse operates a bare metal cloud environment located close to Europes #1 data exchange the DE-CIX in Frankfurt. Our first effort will be to become a validator node in the Kusama and Polkadot network.