n-fuse is entering the Hardware Market

n-fuse is known for excellent tailored software solutions and consulting in this domain. Our broad portfolio ranging from enterprise application development to AI based solutions. Now we are entering a new field of business ‒ hardware. Specifically for the IoT/ IIoT market we want to develop innovative niche to mass products. We see a lot of potential in small scale solutions that require rapid development of cost effective yet highly professional devices.

Electronics devices complement our existing portfolio perfectly because now is the time where only highly integrated end-to-end solutions can make an impact by providing actual value-add. Software is an essential part of such solutions, beginning at the firmware in the sensor device over the gateway and edge device computing devices to the cloud back-end. Delivering holistic solutions in this manner is our strength.

Our first product is not less than the world's first LoRaWANTM concentrator card in the mini-PCIe form factor based on Semtech's Pico Gateway concept. We have more products in the works and also want to call for your ideas! All our products can be bought directly through our website.