n-fuse realizes (I)IoT Platform with Startup Xingular

Xingular is a general purpose (I)IoT platform with a very unique set of features. The goal was to create a highly flexible and customizable platform based on modern architectural principles. A major quality is that it is independent of any of the cloud vendor's offerings which makes it highly portable for on premise and even white label scenarios.

At the heart of Xingular is an event driven data processing model with Apache Kafka as main data store for event sourcing. ~30 micro services make up the generic part Xingular and solution specific micro services are layered on top of them. Besides Kafka based messaging, GRPC is used for synchronous inter service communication to keep the latency low. The north bound API is mainly implemented as GraphQL and some REST endpoints for communication with constrained devices and AuthZ/ AuthN (OIDC).

Xingular is a vertical cloud platform offering solutions as unit of currency to its subscribers. This is what sets apart Xingular to most other cloud based IoT products which try to be generic but always require custom coding to solve even simple real life problems. Xingular initially targets the hotel and gastronomy sectors with the "Green Button" being the first solution offered. The idea is to add solutions like car parking space monitoring and management driven by customer demand. Its extensibility and highly generic core enable the rapid development of new vertical solutions.

The current features of Xingular are:

  • Device management supporting LoRaWAN and IP based devices
  • Remote gateway management including firmware update capability
  • Integration with The Things Network for LoRaWAN
  • User account management
  • Powerful attribute based access control model for authorization
  • Sophisticated accounting with support for quantity based and flat rate based models
  • Corresponding invoicing solution with flexible terms such as monthly, yearly
  • Contract management self service for customers
  • The "Green Button" solution

n-fuse will continue to contribute to the platform evolution and is thrilled by the approach to bring IoT solutions to the market that make an impact.