Blockchain Infrastructure & Validator Services

We deeply belive in a decentralized Web of Value.

Why stake and transact over n-fuse infrastructure?

Professional Team

Our professional team is passionate about blockchain, DAOs and automated operations. We consist of a mix of young and experienced team members.


We operate a bare metal server infrastructure with low latency, high bandwidth fabric, high availability through redundancy. Our data center is ISO 27001:2013 and PCI DSS certified. Our supply chain is outside of the sphere of influence of the NSA. We continuously try to mitigate risk with new approaches, development, and decentralization of the infrastructure.

Quick Payout

If possible by the network rules, we guarantee reward payouts within three days. Payouts are conducted in an automated manner.


Staking is inherently resistent against server breaches as your assets do not physically reside on our infrastructure. The biggest risks are outages caused by security breaches and DDoS attacks. Both threats are mitigated with state of the art counter measures.


We take an active role in participating in the governane of the networks we work with. We always vote for decentralization, permissionlessness, trustlessness, anti-cencorship and privacy.

The Bitcoin Network ‒ one to solve all

We believe that Bitcoin will be the only blockchain based network that will be needed to accomplish all decentralized use-cases in the future.

We are running a Bitcoin node.
We are running a Lightning node.

Our Validators ‒ Stakers are Welcome

Namen-fuse Validator #1 Stash
Address DosV2kyxoKTd9GXMDk84XsN78ZXteAdzaQMrk9YofUscuZn
Namen-fuse Validator #1 Stash
Address 1pnNeueeo2QTr72PXirhUUjdPniysKYETik5orGeq1BFAoU
Address 0x91f11aaf63f74ee46a5947f15db5ce734cb9fe55db8e80f8fa8a31e3d3f0acf1102429edc304376af479635d42d2dc81